Andy Greenacre from Unruly Print

Midday Makers

In my business Unruly Print I hand-draw, hand-cut and hand-print all of my designs, using traditional lino printing methods and techniques. The imagery in my work is inspired from my own childhood memories, but I also work on commissions for customers memories too. Each lino print is a unique artwork and comes signed by me.

Like everyone I loved playing and being creative as a kid. I have really fond memories of this time and there were always lots of other children in the house because Mum and Dad child-minded. This meant we spent every spare minute coming up with games and making things with bits of old cardboard, paint and glue.

As I grew up, I forget to make time to play, society and life threw some challenges my way that got in the way of being creative. Lucky for me I was given the chance to go to uni at the ‘mature’ age of 23, I successfully gained a Fine Art degree and Masters in Art.

After leaving university I had a series of different jobs to help balance and juggle the life of an artist and the reality of bills and adult life. I went into teaching for 5 years and while doing this was able to spend time learning with the children through play. This is when I started to revisit a childhood skill of printing and from a print of Southwold Lighthouse in 2017, Unruly Print was born.

I am now a full-time artist working in print, photographing, sculpture and digital media. I am also a speaker and broadcaster of creativity and I am passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to experience and enjoy art.

Makers Market From Home has given me a focus for my creation of prints. In ‘normal’ times I would try and create new work for upcoming markets, now I have a virtual market to work towards instead. I have met some wonderful makers and customers which has made me feel less alone in this time of isolation.

Watch Andy’s Midday Makers video here.

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