Designer Brigitte Girling from Moss & Stone

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It was wonderful to speak to designer Brigitte from Moss & Stone to find out more about her creative life and get advice for budding (excuse the pun!) floral designers…

Hello I’m Brigitte and I just simply love flowers!  

A subtle detail in an arching stem, an unfurling leaf or a perfect petal all inform and influence my floral art. Expect bashful hellebores in winter, delicate blossom in spring, garden roses in summer and bold dahlias in autumn: delicious, subtle scents, twisty stems searching the light and petals that tremble on the breeze.

My floral art draws on the traditions of rambling, overgrown, English gardens, the ever-changing seasons and the wild beauty of the Suffolk countryside around me. Seasonality and provenance are fundamental. So my own whimsically, wild and untamed garden is my muse and inspiration providing many of the beautiful flowers and trailing ingredients I need to weave together my romantic, undone and nostalgic style.

I love teaching the art of floral design in my unique, ethereal style almost as much as I love the flowers themselves. Having been a teacher in a former life, I think of myself as a guide, a facilitator, encouraging you to re-engage with your creativity, slow down and really study the individual beauty of each element you chose to design with. I want you to find and love your own unique style too.

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