Rachel’s Soaps at FirstLightMakersMarket

Midday Makers

I’m Rachel from Rachel’s soaps.

I make Luxury skincare products including a pampered pooch range too. I have recently started another venture RS Candles making luxury candles and wax melts using a blend of coconut and rapeseed wax.

I started making skincare products because I suffer with eczema and couldn’t use products on my skin that wouldn’t cause irritation. I started making lip balms and soon moved on to moisturisers and found it benefitted my skin my using natural, non chemical products.

After a while I started making soaps and realised I wanted to have more control over the ingredients so started making cold process soaps after researching the best ingredients and why they were good for sensitive skin and what benefits they have for ordinary skin too.

After getting assessments done I sold some products through Facebook and later started selling at markets and then on Etsy. The range is now extended to a dog range, vegan range, candle and wax melt range and many other product’s

Watch our interview with Rachel during the FirstLightMakersMarket on IGTV.

Check out Rachel’s lovely shop on Etsy Rachel’s Soaps

Instagram @rachelssoaps