Roma Crookes from Unique Sonder

Midday Makers

Hi all! My name is Roma. I am the face behind Unique Sonder. I create handmade bright, one of a kind earrings from polymer clay and resin from my home studio in Coventry. My inspirations are primarily taken from by-gone eras, revisiting bold colour-ways and patterns that stir feelings of nostalgia.

I have always considered myself to be a creative type, but formally followed a more science based education, studying Medical Microbiology at the University of Leeds. Although the arts always had my heart, I was led to believe a career in them was a pipe dream. After university, I went on to pub management for the following decade. Whilst I have some wonderful experiences under my belt from that time, the nature of the hospitality industry (particular in Central London) is emotionally and physically draining.

Six months ago, I took a leap into the unknown, chasing a more fulfilling lifestyle (that didn’t include being woken up at 6AM on my days off to deal with missing deliveries, surprise inspections or staffing crises!), and Unique Sonder was born. Whilst still in it’s infancy, I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.

Sadly, my first every markets were not to be due to Covid-19. So I was ecstatic to stumble across Makers Market From Home. Not only has it been an opportunity to boost my business, I have also had the pleasure to network with a fantastic group of other makers who I now engage with on a regular basis – sharing our knowledge and experiences.

Watch Roma’s live chat with our MMFH Ambassador Lydia on our IGTV channel.

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