Sam Self from Self Made

Midday Makers

Sam Self is the creator of “Self Made” and she lives in Warrington with her husband. A Southerner by birth she loves it up North but please don’t ask her to choose between them!

For a while now Sam knew she wanted to have a business called “Self Made” which incorporated my love of making things and her surname. Her skull jewellery started because she just couldn’t find the sort of items she wanted to buy in shops. Sam would regularly visit a fashion website and type “skull” into the search engine and often see “no search results” pop up. So frustrating!

Periodically, skulls appear in fashion again so as you can imagine Sam collects lots of skull jewellery during those times! She has loved skulls since she was 18 when she started listening to metal music. All her outfits regularly have skulls on them and when she did her Masters her friends started associating skulls with her and it stuck!

Sam decided if she couldn’t find the skull jewellery she wanted she’d make my own. Sam took premade jewellery and started customising it by adding a skull bead or two. Then she naturally started to make her own skull jewellery from scratch by learning and honing her skills. Once she had an idea of the sort of items she wanted to create Sam just did it!

Sam created so much skull jewellery she thought “I can’t possibly wear all this!” so decided to start selling it as she can’t be the only person who wants alternative jewellery right?!

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More details can be found on Sam’s website

Instagram – @samselfmade

Twitter – @samanthaself

Facebook – @selfmadejewellery