Sapphire from Sapphire Frills

Midday Makers

My name is Sapphire, I’m 26 years old, I graduated in 2015 with a 1:1 in fashion from the Norwich university of arts. I went onto work as a design assistant at Ted Baker HQ in London, lived there for 5 months but found it a really lonely place. At the time, my mum and sister was talking about moving to Spain and because we are so close it was just too difficult for me so I made the decision to leave and came back to Norwich. It took me about a month to get back into employment.

I worked for a tailoring company for about a year in Norwich while saving to start my menswear brand which I no longer work for now. I started a men’s company making and selling t-shirts in Norwich for about 2 years but I just remember thinking ‘do I want to do this forever’ and the answer was no. It wasn’t something that I could be personally passionate about so I asked myself, what am I passionate? What do I love? What can I make for me? That’s when I started Sapphire Frills.

I now hand-make statement earrings from polymer clay taking lots of inspiration from animals. My favourite animal is a leopard and I use a hell of a lot of leopard print in my collection so I also decided to donate every month to WWF to help protect Amur leopards in the wild. 

There is a lot of work that goes into making each pair of earring, more than you’d think. There is about 9 to 11 stages to making each pair of earrings depending on whether they are studs or dangles.

I offer all of my studs on either hooks or hoops along with offering clip on backs and sterling silver for sensitive ears which is also very popular. The standard backs are made from hypoallergenic surgical steel which is nickel free. I have now been trading for 14 months with Sapphire Frills which has gone super fast but has been the best journey of my life! I started SF worked 3 days a week in employment but made the jump a month ago to go full time which has been the best decision yet!

I love being part of MMFH because it has connected me to so many kind people. It has brought me closer to the makers community and it’s so lovely to be able to support each other. It was also the first market that I took place in since lockdown, I have been with you from the start, one of the originals and it is very much my favourite one. I love the way you run the market Andy and this is the reason why I made the decision to tie my live Instagram markets in with yours. There’s no other market day I would choose to do a live.

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Paulomi Debnath from Handmade by Tinni

Midday Makers

Hi, I am Paulomi and I am the designer behind Handmade by Tinni, statement jewellery with a heart and soul. I create colourful happy jewellery that will make your heart swoon and your soul happy.

Little bit on my background – I was born and brought up in India (The cultural heritage has a huge influence on my design inspiration). I studied sales and marketing and worked in international chain of hotels as a sales specialist. In 2004, I met the love of my life and in 2006, we got married in Kolkata, India. We both belong to this ‘City of Joy’ and very proud to have strong roots there. That year, I joined my husband in London to start a new chapter of our journey together. With my experience in hotels sales, I was back in hotel sales management. Fast forward 14 years, I now hold a senior position in hotel procurement as my day job, have become mum of a 9-year-old imaginative boy and we live in London.  

Now the fun part…. I am totally addicted to jewellery. My mum teases me that I am building secret jewellery museum. ? I am extremely proud of my eccentric collection which a mix of vintage, one of a kind or contemporary design.

Fun fact – my ‘junk’ jewellery always travels with me in my handbag whereas my laptop may have travelled in hold luggage few times. I have no conception of literal value-based priority. (Little tip – you will be stopped at the security check-in every time you are carrying too many jewelleries as the Xray machine goes buzzy. Not fun for the impatient husband while I am explaining the security team why I need 100+ jewellery option on a 3-day holiday. ?)

Handmade by Tinni, was a natural step for me born out of my passion for handcrafted unique jewellery. When I set-up my brand finally in 2019, my design inspiration came from bright colours of nature, amazing places that I have travelled to over the years and most importantly from the rich heritage of India. I create jewellery that are locally made, sustainable, respectful of our resources and responsible towards environment.

I chose cotton yarn or rope as my main design medium as I am passionate about sustainability. Cotton is an amazing material. It is sustainable & bio-degradable, soft to wear, anti-allergic, colourful, and extremely flexible to let your imagination flow. I am self-taught on different rope knots and have been creative in mixing different knots to design new styles for my collection. Never afraid of learning or improvising or mixing new ideas!

I take great pride in making each piece by hand.  My aim is to make you look beautiful and proud when you showcase a Tinni jewellery.

Love Nature, Look Beautiful & Be Proud.

Becoming involved with the Makers Market From Home has been incredible – there are so many amazing and inspiring small businesses out there, and it’s such a wonderful community to be a part of.

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