Liana Fricker from The Inspiration Space

Inspiring Interviews

MMFH Ambassador Alice chatted with Liana to find out more about The Inspiration Space and how she has adapted her business to bring entrepreneurs together online.

The chat covered topics such as:

  • Making your dreams and ambitions happen.
  • Why being a small business enables you to adapt, collaborate and react quickly.
  • Keeping loneliness at bay as a self-employed creative.
  • The easy way to succeed by playing to your strengths.
  • Why understanding your core customer is essential.
  • Social media responsibility.

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Sarah from Sarah Trotter Art

Midday Makers

Howdy Doodlies. My name is Sarah and I am a Devon based artist who specializes in creating authentic abstract, fun, colourful and hybrid artworks that range from original paintings and printed cards to painted glassware’s and handmade bespoke bunting.  All works can be personalized & custom made, I openly welcome commissions. Alongside my art biz, I am also an ambassador for the Atlantic Youth Creative Hub, which is a programme that provides individuals with support to develop & sustain a business/business idea.

My inspiration comes from a haphazard and eclectic mix of influences from nature, cultures and society and of those magical realms above us. I am passionate about inspiring an awareness of the natural that world, spotlighting endangered species and nature. I enjoy encouraging creativity through collaboration and inclusivity and I am a soul believer that anyone has the ability to create and each individual deserves to express their own creativity in whatever way they choose to.

From a young age I was always curious about how things are made and was that kid who was interested in every kind of art and craft activity going.

My background is in Surface Pattern design, after graduating I freelanced briefly in fashion and printed textiles design. After a few doses of freelance design mistrust that blew my confidence, I butterflied my way through roles in the UK, Australia, S.E Asia that covered marketing, hospitality, volunteering, design interning, retail management, fashion buying, museum and learning positions and at one point I was a head ice cream scooper.

Last summer, after having a rather hamster wheel lifestyle that was affecting my health &and wellbeing and turning me into someone I disliked, I decided to leave my job and fab social life in London and moved back to my family home in South Devon. I made a pact with myself to focus more of my time and energy on growing my side hustle into more of my life.

I enjoy traveling, being in nature, swimming, Yogalates, cooking and throwing shapes (extra fun with added splashes of paint and ‘Pump Up The Jam’ at high volume), listening to era world music and jazzy beats. I find pure joy in slurping a darn good roasted Coffee/ Gin tipples whilst connecting with others and having a rather wholesome chinwag. 

For me, the Makers Market From Home lifted my spirits and I learnt so much. The community is so welcoming and I loved interacting with an array of different creatives who are all uniting and supporting each other on one virtual and connecting platform showcasing so much talent to the world.

You can watch Lydia’s interview with Sarah Trotter on our Midday Makers series on IGTV.

Visit Sarah’s website here: Sarah Trotter Art

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Gemma from Quirk Botanicals

Midday Makers

Hi there! I’m Gemma, and welcome to Quirk Botanicals, my vegan and cruelty-free beauty business.

Based in Manchester, I created Quirk back in 2017. Quirk is all about embracing and celebrating natural beauty. All of my products are made with carefully selected ingredients and, of course, a lot of love!

From a really young age I’ve always been creative, and throughout school I focused a lot on my art and photography. I also fell in love with history and ultimately this led me to the University of Nottingham where I did a degree in Archaeology.

While I enjoyed my degree (and I had THE BEST time at uni) I knew that this wasn’t something I wanted to do as a career. In my 3rd year I got a part-time job as a Marketing Intern in a local theatre which opened the doors to me becoming a Marketing Assistant after I had left Nottingham and returned to my native Manchester.

Again, as much as I enjoyed the work I was doing, something wasn’t right, and I was beginning to doubt that I belonged in the ‘corporate’ world. It was during this time, with my new disposable income, that I began shopping at a certain high street store, and obsessively stocked up on bath bombs.

One evening, after what was just an awful day at work, my husband, Jon, convinced me to start a DIY project to save some money – that was making bath bombs. That’s how Quirk began. Every night when I got home from work, I’d get my ingredients out, I’d pour over books about cosmetics, natural beauty, skincare – I became a woman possessed!

I finally decided that enough was enough, and with my family’s support, I quit my job and decided to pursue Quirk full-time (it was also around this time that me and Jon decided to get married – I don’t recommend starting a business and planning a wedding at the same time!)

Quirk allows me to nurture my creative AND academic sides. I’ve learnt so much about the cosmetic/beauty industry through my journey and it’s made me more determined to make Quirk simple, transparent and authentic with the products I make.

Outside of Quirk I spend my time with my husband, my family and my cats! (but most of the time I can be found in my bath bomb cave!) Becoming involved with the Makers Market From Home has been incredible – there are so many amazing and inspiring small businesses out there, and it’s such a wonderful community to be a part of.

Watch Gemma’s interview as part of our Midday Makers series on IGTV.

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