Lucy Glombek from Inside Lulu’s Mews

Midday Makers

Lucy creates amazing abstract pour art paintings using acrylic paint and alcohol inks. She predominately works on round cardboard and canvas panels but also uses stretched canvas and paper.
Lucy says: “I grew up in a family of musicians and artists, so the arts were woven through my childhood years. My pieces vary in scale as I enjoy experimenting with different shapes and sizes. When creating my pieces, the most time consuming process is picking and mixing colours. I also work with silicone, in the form of hair products such as hair oil or shampoo to create different textures.”

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Simon from Koala Chess Art

Midday Makers

Simon is an artist who draws quirky animals and dinosaurs. He has been turning his designs into cool tees and hoodies for about four years.

He says: “They all have individual tales. They are all smiling. Occasionally there might be a little conservation message in there too, but nothing too serious as people can spot educational stuff a mile off. They are ethical sourced – the t shirts not the animals.”

Watch Simon’s #MiddayMakers chat with Andy on our IGTV channel

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